We help carers take time off when they need it.

Drawing on our long experience of caring for people, we have seen time and again that periods of living through illness or caring for frail people often testify to extraordinary levels of resilience.

Despite this, it's common for people in these circumstances to feel ground down and somehow not at the centre of their own lives.

Our respite service aims to help resolve this, by enabling unpaid carers to achieve a better balance of caring and time off.

What we do

Respite care involves the provision of professional care that enables the unpaid carer to have time off.

At TuVida this is a flexible service, built around the exacting needs of families. We can provide this service:

  • at agreed times and frequencies — for example, weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • on a flexible basis, as and when the carer needs a break
  • during days, evenings, weekends or overnight

Our care plans are always individualised. We create them from scratch, in response to the unique requirements of people needing care and their families.

Emergency respite (currently available in Wokingham):

We are currently able to provide an emergency respite service for carers living in Wokingham, via the 'Wokingham Back Me Up' service. This involves the provision of additional home care for temporary periods should the usual family carer experience an emergency. 

Funding and eligibility

For funding and availability details, please get in touch.

Contact us

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 0118 979 5324

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