The family of George, from Essex, approached TuVida about our Homeshare, or 'home-to-home' service. 

His daughter, Nicola, recently sat down with us and explained what the service means to their family:

"When TuVida suggested 'home-to-home' (a service where people needing support spend time in a volunteer's home to give carers a break), I wasn't convinced my father would actually go. But, after a hesitant start, he hasn't looked back. The very best thing was finding him a place with Deborah, who sees through Dad's dementia to the person he was – a man who loved 'banter', a laugh and a joke – which Deborah returns in bundles to him!

Dad goes to Deborah's every Wednesday and really looks forward to going. Without this service, he would be sitting at home in his chair all day, which is not good for him.

"'Home-to-home' provides a safe, stimulating environment and knowing how much he enjoys it, means Mum has the freedom to go out too, without worrying if he is alright. I work and have two children so it is extremely difficult for me to get my parents out of their house.

"The value of 'home-to-home' to us all is immeasurable. I was totally unaware of this service and I can honestly say that without it, both Mum and Dad would be struggling even more."

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