Friday 3 March marks Employee Appreciation Day. Employee Appreciation Day is an event for employers to give thanks to their employees. 

We asked our managers to give thanks to their teams - the feedback we've had has been fantastic! And we've included a short video from our CEO Christine, who gives her thanks to TuVida staff.

Christine's Employee Appreciation Day message

Messages from the TuVida team

"My team are my support network and without them our department would not function. I appreciate that even though we are dispersed across the country we all work as a team and support each other, be that a phone call or a message or pictures of pets/kids/holidays on WhatsApp!

"Our department has to be reactive to allow us to support the wider teams, but I appreciate each and every one of my team for their ability to organise the conflicting pressures that we face, with a smile and can-do attitude." 

Karen Bonnett - Head of Corporate Services

"I really can’t praise the finance & payroll teams at Pelham & Congleton enough particularly since October last year. They have really gone above & beyond to ensure the smooth transition of all finance from the merger with Crossroads Care Cheshire Manchester & Merseyside.

"With such a sudden marked increase in BAU they have absorbed additional workload with very limited resources but have still managed to balance their workloads & meet every deadline. Their high levels of engagement, positivity & flexibility mean that they have been able to embrace recent changes.

"We are a diverse team with different personalities but we all listen to each other & offer different perspectives which has contributed to strengthening trust within the team & enables us to dig deep when things get tough. I am immensely grateful & privileged to work with such a wonderful & supportive group of individuals – thank you."

Michelle Turnbull - Head of Finance

"Employee appreciation day is an opportunity to give thanks and appreciation to those we work with. I would like to show my appreciation for everyone I work with. The team I line manage work hard every-day to ensure that people have the HR support they need, whether that’s an updated contract, a new starter needing a DBS check or someone needing support with an issue they’ve got. They are always on hand to help anyone and I am proud to lead them.

"I also want to show my appreciation to the Operations SLT I am part of, along with the wider TLT. I feel privileged to be able to work with such dedicated people who are constantly striving to ensure that TuVida is strong and safe, whether that’s working on tenders to ensure we secure contracts to deliver care, developing our hub services, working hard to recruit the staff we need to deliver care or ensuring our buildings are safe to name but a short few, the team work tirelessly and I appreciate every one of them for the work that they do and the support they give me."

Emma Sansom - Head of HR

"My team are Heather Parfitt and Rachel Laley. Together, we are the Executive Administration Team of TuVida. We provide administrative support and Governance support to all the members of the Chief Officer Team and our Trustees. Between us we have nearly 13 years’ experience of working for TuVida.

"What can I say about why I appreciate my team? There is not enough space to say, and it would go on too long. They are brilliant!  As well as doing their own jobs very well, they are willing to cover for members of the team, if we aren’t in the office. They are very efficient, helpful and kind. They demonstrate the values and behaviours of TuVida every day.

"I also want to say a really big thank you to Heather and Rachel for covering my work, when I have been off work recently, particularly Rachel who has been doing her job and most of my job.  It really helped me to know that my team ‘had my back’ when I was off.

"I really look forward to the catch ups and Team meetings that we have – they make it very easy to be their Manager!

"I would also like to say how much I appreciate Jacqui Finn, my line manager. Jacqui is very supportive and kind and challenges me to get out of my ‘comfort zone’, even when I think I can’t do it.  She has been really supportive, when I have recently been off work and I want to give a special thanks for that."

Katie Lombardi - Senior Executive Manager

"Gareth – Captain America – He wears a uniform and has a shield – he is forever young and he doesn’t age…but has  maturity beyond his years.  He is the defender of justice for all but the bad guys…..   If you’re a bad guy…well….let’s just say ‘hide’!

"Steve – The Hulk – When he’s angry he’s terrifying so don’t push him.  His alter ego is  slightly ‘nerdy’ with attention to detail, science and numbers…..and he is as meek as a lamb, humble and vulnerable.

"Jacqui – Cat Woman – She is supremely elegant and engaging.  She moves with stealth and has such an engaging personality you just want to be with her…..  But if you cross her she can get the claws out….particularly when protecting her friends and family.  Keep on her good side!

"Chris – Iron Man – He is brilliant, charismatic and could sell sand in a desert.  He is a genius with knowledge about anything you ask him…..He wears a suit of armour when working and it enables him to fly, drop bombs, shoot people (J) and analyse data.  Out of work without his suit of armour he is a normal guy who enjoys a really good laugh with a beer and a curry…!   He chooses his friends carefully but like all these super heroes,  he doesn’t suffer fools.

"On National Employee Appreciation Day I want to say thank you to this amazing group of people for their commitment, their faithfulness and their loyalty.  To me and to TuVida. I always know that when I am weak they will be strong for me.  When they are weak they know that I will be strong for them. Who can ask for more than that?" 

Christine Alexander - CEO

"Having a great team of work colleagues can make a huge difference to your career. Whether you're starting a new job or working with the same people for years, everyone has something unique and valuable to contribute to the workplace. I am grateful to have such a strong team around me here in Essex.

"One thing that all successful workplaces have in common is a sense of mutual respect among the colleagues. Valuing your work colleagues is essential for creating a positive working environment, improving team morale, and fostering collaboration. Here in Essex we have a small but wonderful team.

"Ashley & Cheryl manage the day to day activities and relationships with staff and service users. They have a passion for the role and exceptional communication skills. They are warm, compassionate and ensure the safe running of the service.

"Arif manages the service user relationships, assessments and reviews. Arif embodies person centred language in his holistic assessment and always brings out the best in people. Arif brings a warm and feeling of inclusiveness to the team.

"Ralph looks after our compliance and training needs. He is always willing to go the extra mile to support staff and colleagues from other localities. He has a passion for training that reflects in the quality of service being provided here in Essex."

Cigdem Yildiz - Service Manager, Essex

"The Chief Officer Executive Assistant Team comprising Katie Lombardi, Rachel Laley and Heather Parfitt, provide proactive, structured and planned EA support to all the Chief Officers and the Board of Trustees. This enables us to get on the front foot with our work. They are responsive to all our needs, often dealing with multiple changes to our plans and schedules due to the operational challenges that arise. They all bring to the team a range of skills and abilities, complimenting each other and collectively being an amazing team.

"They hear and see many things that are confidential in nature and we have developed strong and trusting relationships between us all.

"No matter what happens, they are absolutely resolved to support all Chief Officers even under the most difficult circumstances and nothing is too much trouble for them. They absolutely have each other’s backs and cover and pick up work for each other when they are absent, either planned or unplanned.

"Rachel is the newest member of the team and recently has shown incredible capacity to absorb additional work across a vast range of issues. She is quiet and calm providing comfort and engendering confidence in those she works with. Heather who has been with us the longest provides excellent Governance support ensuring we meet all our legal obligations as a charity and has developed vast knowledge in this area assisting our Trustees to fulfil their roles effectively.

"The team is extremely well led by Katie who leads by example and role models the behaviours and values which are so important in TuVida. Without such leadership the team would not be the happy and quality team they are."  

Jacqui Finn on behalf of the Chief Officer Group

"I would like to give a huge shout out to all of our field based teams across all of the country. From the North West right down the South of England and everywhere in-between. Come rain, snow, wind or shine (literally), you continue to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society, giving them your time, energy and compassion every single day. Without you, TuVida are nothing. Here’s to you."

Gareth Howells - Chief Operating Officer

"I'm lucky to have a small but mighty team. Knowledgeable, dedicated, creative, positive, approachable, and welcoming – they are brilliant at what they do."

Ben Hennessy - Head of Communications and Impact

"Chris is always happy to help out, offer solutions to problems and produces work that is of a very high standard. His dedication to completing tasks and willingness to help out (even out of work hours) is second to none. Chris is a real asset to the TuVida Team."

Dominic Sharman - Head of Financial Planning & Analysis

"My team are so wonderfully committed to Tuvida and the clients we look after between my team in the office they have over 30 years’ service and every day they show dedication and commitment even through the most stressful times, My team support and help each other even when they have a large workload it’s never too much to help one another, without them I could not complete my role.

The care support workers they go above and beyond in all that they do and care for our clients as they would do their own family’s without them we would have no organisation."

Sarah Richards - Nottingham & North Operations Manager

"I would like to show my appreciation for all my North West Team in general. The whole team over the past couple of years have supported me through some of my toughest times in my career in ways you would never know. The dedication each and every single one of you have demonstrated from the families you support to the colleagues you work with on a daily basis has been a comfort to me. Each and every single one of you bring something to the team and this is why it ‘works’, I know at times it’s been hard and still is however I am certain we will continue to grow and demonstrate that the North West is something to be proud of.

"We have faced some changes over the past 12 months at Crossroads Together and with the recent merger with TuVida I wanted to assure you all that, as part a national organisation we are now bigger and stronger than ever before, I will be making it my personal mission to ensure that although we will be keeping the brand of Crossroads Together you also all feel part of the “TuVida Family”. There are many challenges still to face within the health and social care sector, but I feel with all you guys at my side we will be able to face these together moving forward."

Andy Williams - North West Regional Manager

"I appreciate every member of our team across the whole organisation for the relentless effort demonstrated on a daily basis, the hard work and dedication continues to inspire me and keeps my passion for supporting unpaid carers and working within health and social care sector alive.

"I would like to highlight my appreciation for all colleagues in the North West Region. Although I haven't had the opportunity to meet everyone in person, the teams continue to make it clear that the people we support are their priority. I am impressed by their dedication,  commitment and resilience during and since the merger. The overall approach and professional attitude has been greatly appreciated and valued.  

"I would also like to express my appreciation to Claire, Sarah, Alain and Andy, going above and beyond is the status quo for these people. Their attitude and loyalty to their teams, services and the organisation is undeniable. I really enjoy working with them and want them to know that we see and are grateful for all they do for TuVida."

Jenny Park - Director of Care and Services

"I would like to express my appreciation for all the team working in the Cheshire West area. The whole team work together as a family supporting each other to cover in times of leave and go above and beyond on a daily basis. The team are all dedicated and have demonstrated they are responsive adapting  to changes to support families in their most difficult of times. Everyone single member brings a different attribute to the area and this is shown in the different services we are able to provide. Your time and energy never goes unnoticed and is greatly appreciated by all the families we support.  Thank you all for the amazing work you deliver, never forget the difference you make."

Louise McAdams - Cheshire West Manager

"I would like to express my appreciation to every single member of my team across the central area, for the hard work, dedication and support. I appreciate you all.

"The commitment you put into your job roles is an asset to TuVida and the clients we support. The willingness to go above and beyond, going that extra mile is evident in the great outcomes we achieve.

"Everyone works together as a team and in turn that is why we have successful services. Keep up the amazing work you are doing and a huge thank you from me. I appreciate you all so much!"

Emma Dillnutt - Service Manager, Central Region

"Our team offer respite care to clients over the whole of West Sussex, which is a vast county. Our staff support with such commitment and dedication, every week visiting their clients, making  a big difference to their lives.

"The variety of support they offer and help to maintain their independence at home, from shopping, cooking, taking out in the community to working on their allotments and lots more, come rain or shine with a smile on their faces and a welcoming cuppa.

"Without our amazing front line team which we are truly grateful to we could not offer this valuable service

"Our clubs are run by our dedicated teams to provide a day of activities for the cared for and respite for the carer.

"Our Emergency Respite Service offers complete peace of mind to our clients and that we are there for them. We can only fulfil this service due to an amazingly loyal dedicated team who will step in to support in an emergency."

Yvonne Hammond-Powell - Service Manager