Professional home care that enables unpaid carers to take time off.

Drawing on our long experience of caring for people, we have seen time and again that being ill, vulnerable or exhausted does not make you weak. In fact, periods of living through illness or caring for frail people often testify to extraordinary levels of resilience. Despite this, it's common for people to feel ground down and somehow not at the centre of their own lives.

Our respite service is designed to help unpaid carers achieve a better balance of caring and time off.

What we do

Our respite service is provided on a flexible basis, whether it's needed for a few hours, days or weeks. We can also provide respite during emergency situations, ensuring that you and the person you're caring for are supported when you need it most.  

Firstly, we'll speak to both the person being cared for and the person who has providing care – and invite you to talk about yourselves and your situation. Then, we'll draw up individualised plans for temporary care suited to your requirements.

We can provide respite for people who:

  • are caring for someone within the last 12 months of their life
  • are caring for someone with dementia, mental health challenges or a learning disability
  • are a young carer providing care for an adult
  • find themselves in a crisis or emergency situation for a short period of time

If you aren't covered by one of these situations, we may be able to offer other services instead. For more information, please get in touch.

Funding and eligibility

TuVida's respite service is currently provided throughout Nottinghamshire, on a self-funded basis.

For further details, please get in touch.

Do you care for somebody over the age of 18, who lives in Nottingham city? If so you may be eligible for up to 100 hours of free respite care across a 12-week period. 

Contact us



  • Nottingham (city): 0115 824 8824
  • Nottinghamshire (county): 0115 962 8920 
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