Our respite service enables unpaid carers to take time off, with the peace of mind that the person who needs care is safe and supported.

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Respite for carers

Are you a carer who's feeling tired or worn out? Do you need some time off from caring to focus on other aspects of life?

Our respite service is here to help.

Respite care enables unpaid carers to take breaks when needed. Our service involves professional care staff who provide support for small periods of time – so that unpaid carers can take breaks.

We work across West Sussex to provide this service, working for periods spanning a few hours, days or even weeks if needed.

Our respite care can be provided to adults and children.

The care we provide is personalised to meet individual needs and can include things such as:

  • personal care (including looking after medication)
  • specialist assistance (such as helping with cooking, gardening, hobbies or clerical work)

Emergency respite

Many carers worry about what would happen to the person they care for in an emergency. For instance, the carer might be taken ill suddenly, or be called away for work or other urgent family issues.

In such circumstances, TuVida can provide emergency respite care for a temporary period of time.

This service can be available for a period of up to 48 hours, or up to 72 hours if the emergency falls over a weekend or a bank holiday.

Funding and eligibility

To be eligible for our respite services, the carer must be providing regular and necessary care for an adult who:

  • is frail or has an illness, disability, sensory impairment or dementia
  • lives at home in West Sussex

Our respite service is self-funded and provided at an hourly charge. Sessions are available in slots of two hours or more.

Subsidised services may be available for six hours of respite care per week plus a 10 hour night sit once weekly. For eligibility details, please contact us.

Our emergency respite service is funded entirely by West Sussex County Council – meaning there is no associated cost to carers. The service is available subject to staff availability and funding, according to the terms of the contract with West Sussex County Council. For availability, please contact us.

The emergency respite service is not intended for daily respite care, short breaks, non-emergency situations such as social occasions or hobbies or as replacement care when a home care provider has not turned up. In such circumstances we may be able to provide a regular respite service at an hourly charge instead.

Contact us

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01903 790 270

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