In the Spring of 2023, we collected feedback from our staff, volunteers, trustees, clients, and partners as part of our largest ever consultation with the people we work with. This consultation has helped us to develop a draft version of a new TuVida strategy that will shape our work over the next three years. 

Our approach

We want everyone we work with to:

  • Be seen
  • Be heard
  • Be provided for 

This page will act as the main resource for our new strategy and we will update the page over the coming weeks with new information before we launch our new strategy on 1 April 2024.

A note from TuVida CEO Christine Alexander:

“We have created a new plan that is very simple. We have identified the four key pillars of our organisation – our services, our people, our partnerships and our business. We are now finalising our commitments linked to these pillars, based on the messages and feedback from our consultation.

“Given the huge challenges facing our sector and the growing needs of people who need our support, it is essential this won’t be a strategy of empty words, but instead a plan that enables us to achieve our goals without compromising our values.”