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Care for adults

Our home service offers help to people in need of care, as well as family and friends who care for them.

Whether it's needed for a few hours, overnight, or throughout a weekend – our staff can be there to provide individualised and flexible care to the person who needs it. 

This also enables family and friends to take time out for themselves, in the knowledge that the person they care for is safe and being supported. 

What we do

At TuVida, our primary focus is always on how we can best meet the individual needs of the person being cared for.

The very first thing we'll do is sit down with both parties, to discuss what is needed and how it would best work.

Then, we'll produce a personal care plan which may include any or all of the following:

  • Bathing, dressing and undressing
  • Meal preparation and assistance with feeding
  • Assistance with moving
  • Managing continence
  • Visiting physiotherapists / occupational therapists
  • Shopping
  • Light domestic duties including laundry if required
  • Support for activities outside the home – socialising / pursuing hobbies
  • Support for attending appointments – hospital/dental/hairdressing

We recognise the diversity and levels of complexity with all types of disability. Specialist services are available for people who live with dementia and other mental health conditions.

Care for children and young people

We can provide care and support for children and young people with a number of health care requirements – and we constantly explore ways of tailoring what we do in order to meet new and different needs.

The care we provide can also be invaluable for parents, siblings and other family carers, by enabling them to take short breaks.

What we do

Our support for children and young people goes beyond basic provision of health care in the home. Instead, we aim to offer a fully-rounded service that is tailored to the unique needs of the child or young person. For example, we can work with the young person to help them gain new skills and confidence which they can use in the wider community.

As with our adult home care service, the first thing we'll do is speak to the young person and their family members to understand what would be most helpful for everyone involved.

Then, we'll put a person-centred care plan together.

This care plan may include:

  • Care at home: Personal care for the young person in their own home.
  • Care outside the home: Helping children and young people with disabilities to develop and enhance their skills and confidence within the community. 
  • Overnight care: Also known as a 'waking night service', this involves a carer support worker staying awake overnight at the family home to support the child's needs – helping family members to have an undisturbed night's sleep.

As well as providing full support carers of children with disabilities, we also provide support to children and young people who care for other members of their family. You can find out more about our services for young carers on our Nottinghamshire Young Carers Service page.

Funding and eligibility

Various funding options are available. Please contact us for more details.

Contact us

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Telephone: 0115 962 8920

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