What is Home First?

Home First provides free short-term care for people leaving hospital alongside a support service aimed at helping people avoid unnecessary trips to hospital or emergency admission to a care home.

The aim of the service is to ensure people living in Nottinghamshire get the right support they need to recover safely at home and regain their independence.

How will Home First help me?

Home First helps people with care needs who are in hospital and ready to be discharged. Our friendly staff will work with you to assess your needs and determine if you need a long-term care package.

We will work with you in your own home for up to 14 days, helping you with things like meals, medication, and personal care. We will work closely with your occupational therapist or social worker if you have either.

Community Link Workers

Home First also has a small team of Community Link Workers, people who can help you with other things that you might be thinking about – such as housing, finances, benefits, fall prevention, or if you are feeling isolated.

Our Community Link Workers can work with you to understand any concerns you might have and then work with other local support services that can help you. 

Contact Home First: [email protected]