TuVida client, Chrissie, and her son Alex, feature in an ITV documentary about the challenges facing unpaid carers showing tonight, Thursday 1st February.

The ITV ‘Tonight’ programme explores the role of unpaid carers in the UK, the work they do and the issues and challenges they face. The programme features Lindsey Burrow – wife and carer of former professional rugby league player Rob Burrow CBE, who has motor neurone disease.

Throughout the programme, Lindsey meets a range of carers to hear the impact of their responsibilities and examine whether they get the support they need. It also features experts, academics, and policy makers on the subject of unpaid care.

Wirral-based carer Chrissie drops her son, Alex, with the TuVida Wirral Childrens Service – (formerly part of Crossroads Together) – so she can take a vital break from her care role. Chrissie gets to take her dog for a walk, do some shopping, or have a quick coffee while Alex is at the centre.

The show will be on this evening, 1st of Feb at 8:30pm on ITV1. It's called Lindsey Burrow: Who Cares For Our Carers? Chrissie also featured on ITV's Lorraine show as part of an interview with Lindsey.

You can watch Lindsey Burrow: Who Cares For Our Carers? here: https://www.itv.com/watch/tonight/1a2803/1a2803a9393