Kelly Johnson is bravely running the London Marathon in support of our Young Carers Notts service on Sunday 21st April 2024.

Our Young Carers Notts service currently provide support to her son George who is nine years old. 

Kelly was given a ballot place for the marathon but amazingly still wants to fundraise as a way of saying thank-you to the team who help to give George a much deserved break. George attends the youth group monthly as well as attending days out and activities throughout the year.

George helps to care for his brother and sister, Freddie and Penny, who have a diagnosis of SGCE Myoclonus-Dystonia and are also currently awaiting an Autism assessment.

Kelly explains how George helps his brother and sister: ‘George helps in so many ways, some are impossible to explain, whilst dystonia is a movement condition, it also impacts their behaviour and they are both currently being assessed for autism, so they are both neurodivergent. Often George is victim to their outbursts and his brother and sister will target him. Some days he will say “this is too much” and it’s those breaks from Young Carers that really help. George will sacrifice to keep the peace and he will do so without complaining. He really is a superstar.’

‘I want to emphasise that carers can be people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. George is actually a very talented young athlete and is already competing for his county, but to achieve these goals he has to fight through a lot more than other children he competes against, I guess that’s his superpower though, because he’s become more resilient because of it.’

If you would like to support Kelly and donate you can do so through the Just Giving page here. All money raised will go directly to supporting the Young Carers Notts service.

We wish you the best of luck Kelly, you really are amazing!