This page gives an overview of our key statistics from 2022/23, along with stories from the people we have helped. You can also download our one page 2022/23 Impact Report.

Who we helped: Derek's story

“The allotment is my favourite place in the world. The help I get from TuVida means I can continue going down there.”

Derek has severely impaired eyesight that has got progressively worse over the last ten years. His eyesight issues meant he had to stop driving and retire from his job as a forestry worker, a role he’d been in for fifty years. Derek feared he would have to give up his beloved allotment as well.

“I love being outside. I worked outside all my life. My allotment means everything to me. I grow potatoes, parsnips, swede, carrots, leeks, runner beans, sweetcorn, rhubarb – we have food all year from it.”

Derek’s partner, Deirdre, cares for Derek. TuVida’s respite service in West Sussex gives Deirdre the chance to have a break for a few hours each week. Derek’s support worker, Alison, takes Derek to his allotment where they work on it together.

“Alison helps me sow seeds, maintain the plants and we go to the garden centre together. When it’s raining, we go through my old photos. We get on well and have a similar sense of humour. And Alison doesn’t mind getting stuck in with the gardening – she’s brilliant!”

Where we work: Essex Homeshare

Homeshare has been providing innovative support to unpaid carers in Redbridge, Essex for 23 years.

The service provides day care in the home of a Care Support Worker for people with early-stage dementia, giving carers the chance to have a break. Homeshare offers genuine piece of mind to the carer – they know their loved ones are happy, safe, and looked after, and in a different type of environment to a day centre.

Jacqueline cares for her mum: “I’m 72 now and looking after mum, who is 96, is getting harder. Having this support, knowing mum is safe and happy, means the world to me.”


Who we helped: Jean's story

Jean cares for her son Mark, who has Down’s syndrome. Mark uses TuVida’s Crossroads Together West Street Day Centre in Congleton, Cheshire.

West Street offers a safe and friendly environment for adults with care needs or who are socially isolated. Knowing Mark can spend time somewhere safe that he really enjoys enables Jean to take a regular break from her care role – something she describes as ‘essential’.

Jean said: “Mark is 50 and I’m 75. He’s my best friend and we have great fun together, but it is getting harder looking after him as I get older.

“The service is a real godsend for me as I know that I can drop Mark there and he’ll have a great few hours doing the things he doesn’t get the chance to do at home, like drawing, gardening or indoor bowls. There is always something fun going on and it’s a sociable place. It’s just a lovely environment.”

“When Mark is there, I catch up on housework, pop into town or have a bit of a rest. I’m meeting my friend for a coffee today which I’m looking forward to. And I know Mark will be making me a Mother’s Day card at the Day Centre which I’m also looking forward to receiving later!”