Michelle helps to care for her dad, Bill. Bill was referred into TuVida’s North Northamptonshire Short Term Care service after a long spell in hospital at the beginning of the year. He was desperate to return home and be with his wife, Glenda.

TuVida’s support meant Bill has been able to stay at home in a place he’s familiar with and comfortable, rather than on a hospital ward.


Erin is a support worker who helped care for Bill. Erin has worked for TuVida for over six months and feels TuVida is a positive place to work.

“It’s all about the individual, every person we support is different. In Bill's case, we learnt what he was motivated by (Mini Cheddars mainly!) what he likes and doesn’t like. That way, we know when to encourage him to do a bit more for himself, and when not to.

“We have a great team here, we support one another. Everyone genuinely cares and we do the very best we can to help and support clients according to their individual needs. I’ve been so impressed by TuVida that I encouraged my sister to join!”

Bill and Erin

Bill's wife, Glenda, TuVida Support Worker, Erin, and Bill's daughter and TuVida Support Worker, Michelle.


Michelle is Bill’s daughter. She helps care for her dad and got to see first hand how TuVida works with people.

“I was inspired by how the staff from TuVida approached their work with my dad. Everyone from TuVida has been professional, kind, and considerate to his needs.

“I’ve worked as a school cook most of my career, but after seeing how TuVida were with my dad, I started to think care might be a job I would like to do. I felt I had the right skill set and with training, I felt I could make a difference.

“I had a chat with one of the TuVida team as I was unsure if it would all work based on my own situation, but I was assured TuVida would be able to accommodate me. I decided to apply for a job with the North Northamptonshire team and I got it!

“The support since I started has been fantastic. I’ve been made to feel very welcome, the training has been excellent and I’m confident in my ability to now go out and do a good job. I know I’ve made the right decision to join TuVida!


Glenda is Bill's wife. After the stress and uncertainty of Bill being in hospital, she is glad to have him home and says the support from TuVida has improved Bill's life.

"I think the key thing that the TuVida team did was build up a genuine relationship with Bill. That has meant he's always been comfortable and most importantly has been able to stay home, in a place he is happy and where he wants to be.

"The TuVida team have simply improved Bill's life. And that's a big thing."