Service in Focus

TuVida’s North Northamptonshire Short Term Home Care service provides short-term care for people leaving hospital, as well as for people referred from acute services and health partners, to provide support at home to avoid preventable hospital admissions. 

The service helps those with care needs who are in hospital and ready to be discharged. The hospital adult social team decide the correct pathway for the person being discharged, and if that person is suitable for the service, the referral will be sent through. Our staff then arrange assessment and implement care calls.

The service works with people for up to four weeks. Staff work with clients to assess their needs and identify anyone who needs a long-term care package. Anyone needing longer term care is referred back into the adult social care team who broker and source a long-term care provider.

The aim of the service is to ensure people leaving hospital in North Northamptonshire get the right support they need to continue their recovery at home and reduce the likelihood of them returning to hospital. Ultimately, the aim is to help people who’ve been in hospital to regain their independence.

‘Absolutely brilliant’

James was referred into the service after a spell in hospital following a stroke. His wife, Fran, explains how the service has made a big difference to them:

“I simply don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t had the support we’ve had. The service made it possible for my husband to come home and stay home. He’s bed bound and I’d have struggled massively without the support TuVida have provided. Knowing staff were coming four times a day to help my husband made such a difference.

“The TuVida staff have been absolutely brilliant. Warm, friendly, and empathetic. I can’t praise the service highly enough.”

'Great quality care'

Sharon Dartnell is Service Manager for North Northamptonshire Council’s Hospital Adult Social Care and Reablement. She explains how effective partnership working is key to the service:

“I have been impressed by the responsiveness of the service in working with us in facilitating safe discharge or admission avoidance. TuVida has demonstrated excellent partnership working relationships with our hospitals, our reablement service, community intermediate care team, community therapy and the Hospital adult social care team.

“Working so closely and openly with us has meant our people who use the service receive great quality care and solid reablement ethos of care, enabling them to achieve a greater degree of independence.”

‘Genuine impact’

Emma Dillnutt manages the service for TuVida. She explains how the service has quickly made a big impact in the area:

“The feedback we’ve had from clients has been amazing. The service has quickly made a genuine impact to peoples lives. Hearing first-hand from people about how our work has enabled someone to maintain their dignity or boosted their wellbeing really makes all the hard work we have put into the service worthwhile.”

Key facts and figures

  • The service has provided care to over 100 people leaving hospital since launching in July 2022
  • Clients rated the service an average of 4.84 out of 5
  • 100% of clients rated the care and support provided as either Good or Very Good

North Northamptonshire Hospital Discharge Service is run by TuVida and commissioned by North Northamptonshire Council.