Want to know what our service users say about us? Here is a list of some recent testimonials.

1) “It means the world to me”

Marie says that their care support workers are: “brilliant with John, supports him, relaxes him, and makes him feel so safe”.
She follows up by saying: “I’m able to be in the garden when I knew he’s always safe, sit in the garden and have bit of a read”.
“They’re there for John and I no matter what”, says Marie.

2) “What they do for us is brilliant”

Sisters Fay and Evie look after their mum, who has vertigo and epilepsy. They help her in many ways - for example, by helping her around the kitchen if she needs anything.
Evie says that, “if dad was going out, I wouldn’t really have someone to help me”.
Talking about TuVida's staff, Fay added: “the support they give to us is really good and what they do for us is brilliant, we appreciate it”.

The young carers service we offer provides support for young people taking care of their family members by enabling them to take frequent breaks, make new friends, enjoy fun activities, and access information. 

3) “I do care about them and they care about me"

Lena receives care at home in the East Midlands and according to her, she gets on “very well with my regular carer, we have a lot of laughs”.
She adds: "I don't know how I'd manage without them as I can't get out of the house on my own. I can get quite depressed and lonely, so they are a lifeline.”

Picture of Lena reading a magazine

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4) “It is an amazing organisation”

Kath accessed the TuVida Nottinghamshire Carers Hub during lockdown. 
She stated that the Hub was "brilliant in that in lockdown although, you can’t go to them, then can come to you.”
Furthermore, she added: “the quality of life would diminish… I don’t know what people do without the Hub to be honest”.

5) “He enjoys being able to come to a club”

John has been attending a dementia group, and according to his wife Joyce, “it gives him an opportunity to be self-reliant”.
She says, “he’s able to go out and participate things that I’m not involved in, and he still feels safe and secure”.

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Other services TuVida provides include:

  • Carer respite
  • Care at home
  • Carers hub
  • Day centres and groups (Nottinghamshire, Berkshire, and West Sussex)

You can find out more at https://www.tuvida.org/pages/category/our-sevices