It's almost Carers Rights Day 2021... Here's five of our services catered to the wellbeing of carers and people requiring care

We offer numerous services across different regions in England. We’re very proud of some of the positive feedback that tells how we’ve supported people’s lives.

1) Care at Home

This care is very individualised and flexible as everyone’s needs are different. We tailor our services to the needs of the person in care at the comfort of their home. Our care support workers ensure that personalised care is delivered throughout the agreed upon period.
Carers are able to to take breaks knowing that the person they care for is being looked after.

Ellie’s story
Our care workers support Ellie at her home. She says “TuVida is a lifeline for me and I don’t think I would have been able to cope without them”.

2) Carers Hub

The Carers Hub is open from 9am – 5pm on weekdays to provide free information, advice and guidance that is personalised, and confidential for carers.
Also, carers have the opportunity to connect with other carers in attendance.
The team at the Carers Hub can provide access to locating work, training, and volunteering opportunities.

Audrey's Story
The Carers Hub held monthly online meetings in 2020 and Audrey had this to say: “We’re all able to pool our problems and ideas, which I found really helpful.”

3) Young Carers Service

Young carers may provide care for family members in many scenarios - for example, if their family member has an illness, disability, mental health issue, or addiction to alcohol or drugs.
The services we provide help young carers have a greater balance between caring and other areas of their life.

Charlotte’s story
Charlotte says that the young carers service is a “safe place to talk and get reassurance”.
She was twelve at the time of the interview, and looking after six family members. She noticed feeling a lot better knowing her parents were being supported while she was outside of home.

4) Day Centres and Groups

People with care needs may attend our centres and groups to partake in social activities.
Attendees may build new friendships, and feel part of a wider community - helping to address feelings of loneliness or isolation.
Breaks are provided for attendees to relax from daily routines, and many activities are offered.

5) Carer Respite

Respite Care helps unpaid carers to take breaks when needed and can often be provided on a flexible basis.

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