The support from our team in Essex helps Ellie Mason to get up and start her day, as well as get out and socialise.

She says:

"I have cerebral palsy and can't walk, I'm a wheelchair user. I use the carers to help me get up in the morning, without them I wouldn't be able to get up and start my day.

"I feel very comfortable and safe with them, they make me feel so at ease. It takes a lot for me to get used to new people, but they've come to me for so long that I feel comfortable for them to see to my needs.

"They make me feel happy and confident, if I have problems they listen to me and they know how to calm me down as I can get very anxious sometimes. They understand me.

They help me get out to socialise. I'm happy to see them, familiar faces all the time, I don't want to change my routine. Without them, I don't know what I would do."

[Visual description: Video of Ellie Mason speaking to camera about how the London and Essex Carers Hub help her with everyday activities and hobbies.]

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